We have enjoyed creating custom software solutions for 30 years in numerous industries.


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Some of our past accomplishments:

• Worked with physical meter data logging & reporting.
• Built IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for automating transaction processing for a financial institution.
• Created an Aptitude & Personality Assessment system in Microsoft Access.
• Managed IT services for Australia’s fastest-growing franchise business with approximately 1,000 franchisees.
• Worked on projects for Adidas, Wycliffe, Interflora (The Florist People) and
• Solved business challenges like getting computer systems to talk to each other when there was no API, and other automation’s that directly won hundreds of thousands of dollars of business for clients due to the improvements in their systems.
• Own several software products, including one in healthcare (aged & disability care) and one in construction.
• Created automated two-way text messaging (SMS) system – 5-10+ years before cheap APIs on the web made this trivially easy.
• EDI, text parsing and data extraction, workflow automation.
• First client in the logistics industry – a major warehousing & trucking business.
• Developed software for an Australian Police force.

• Developed software for V/Line, the Amtrak of train travel in Victoria, Australia.
• Lots of work in Microsoft Access and ASP.NET – including highly custom donor & charity management systems and other custom business management systems.
• BigData: Designed & implemented high speed analytical reporting engine (using a columnar storage design) in 2006, and applied it to two organizations with great effect, SLASHING their report generation times from hours to literally seconds! – nearly ten years ago! Long before Amazon RedShift etc.
• Graphic design automation: A multi-million dollar organization had large teams of graphic designers, copying & pasting data into templates to fulfill custom label orders. We automated this and became very familiar with scripting and automation of Adobe
Illustrator (including ExtendScript) and Adobe Flash (including ActionScript 3). We also conceived of, designed & built for them a fully-automated tool that converted static Adobe Illustrator (CS4) pages into fully-functional interactive web pages.

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